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Users to Whom the Privacy Policy Applies

This Privacy Policy applies to the handling of personal data.

User Personal Data to be Collected

The Company may collect from the user(s) (the “User(s)) the following personal data (the “User Personal Data”):

  • Name (including nicknames and pen names)
  • E-mail address
  • Photos and videos
  • Information regarding the OS and the terminal used by the User, such as ID generated by the OS, the type of the terminal, and the terminal identifier
  • History of the Users’ activities on the Company’s website, such as time spent on the Company’s website, input history, and purchase history
  • Usage history of the Company’s applications such as startup time, input history, and purchase history of the Company’s applications
  • Location information of the Users

Purpose of Use of the User Personal Data

The Company uses the User Personal Data collected from the User for the following purposes, on the legal bases including legitimate interests, and performance of contractual obligations

When processing is required for the pursuit of legitimate interests.

  • to register or verify the User’s identity and authenticate with the Company’s services (the “Services”)
  • to manage the User’s usage history of the Services
  • to analyze the User’s activity history in the Services to maintain and improve the Services
  • for market analysis and marketing
  • to inform the User of the Services
  • to correspond to actions that violate the Company's terms and conditions, laws and regulations
  • to inform the changes etc. to the Company’s terms and conditions
  • in addition, to provide, maintain, protect and improve the Services

When processing is required for the performance of contractual obligations to provide the Services to the User.

  • to settle usage fees
  • to inform the User of changes to, discontinuance of, termination of, or cancellation of the Services
  • to respond to the User’s inquiries
  • When the User’s express consent is obtained in advance
  • To deal with any act which violates the laws and regulations of EU and its member states which applies to the Company
  • To deal with any act which violates the laws and regulations of EU and its member states

The Company will not provide any information collected from the Users that constitutes personal data (Article 2, Paragraph (6) of Act on the Protection of Personal Information) to any third party (including anyone outside Japan) without obtaining in advance the Users’ consent.

However, this shall not apply in the following cases:

  • if the Company outsource the handling of personal data
  • if the Company or the Services are acquired
  • if the Company jointly use personal data with its business partner (if there is a specific joint use, the details will be announced separately.)
  • any other cases in which provision of personal data to a third party is permitted by law

Transfer of the User Personal Data to Japan

The Company will transfer the User Personal Data to Japan for the purposes of fulfilling any contractual obligations with the User or any pre-contractual procedures requested by the User. Japan has been accredited by the European Commission for the protection of personal data.

Retention Period

The Company will retain the User Personal Data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for obtaining and processing the User Personal Data as set out in this Privacy Policy. Specific retention periods are decided by taking into account the purposes for obtaining and processing the User Personal Data, the nature of the User Personal Data and the necessity of retaining the personal data for legal or business reasons.

User’s Rights

The User has the right under the GDPR to obtain information regarding processing of the User Personal Data, to access the User Personal Data, to request corrections to or deletion of the User Personal Data, to restrict the processing of the User Personal data, to data portability, to be free from automated decision-making (including profiling) and to object to the processing of the User Personal Data.

In addition, if the User is dissatisfied with the processing of the User Personal Data, the User may lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Supervisory Authority of the User’s country of residence, place of workplace or place of the alleged infringement.

Withdrawal of Consent

The User may withdraw its consent to the Company’s use of the User Personal Data at any time by the means otherwise specified by the Company at the time the Company obtaining the User’s consent. However, the legality of any action taken based on the User’s consent prior to the withdrawal is not affected by the User’s withdrawal of consent.

Automated Decision-making

The Company does not make decisions solely based on automated data processing that produces any legal or similar material effect on the User.

Access Analysis Tools

The Company uses "Google Analytics" to analyze the User’s access. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. Traffic data is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable. By disabling cookies, the User can refuse collection of these information. Please check your browser settings for details. To learn more about Google Analytics, visit:

Anonymously Processed Information

The Company may produce and use anonymously processed information (this means those set forth in Article 2, paragraph (9) of Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and limited to those constituting anonymously processed information database etc. set forth in Article 2, paragraph (10) of the said Act) by using information acquired from the Users. In such case, the Company will take actions as required by Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Amendment to Privacy Policy

The Company will amend this Privacy Policy as necessary. In such case, the Company will announce or notify, in an appropriate manner, the timing when the amended Privacy Policy will be enforced and the contents thereof.

Contact Information

If you have any question regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact the data administrator at:

Autism AVC
Meguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0063

Prescribed on 06, 16, 2021

プライバシーポリシー (日本・日本語)



  • 氏名(ニックネームやペンネームも含む)
  • メールアドレス
  • 写真や動画
  • OSが生成するID、端末の種類、端末識別子等のお客様が利用するOSや端末に関する情報
  • 当社ウェブサイトの滞在時間、入力履歴、購買履歴等の当社ウェブサイトにおけるお客様の行動履歴
  • 当社アプリの起動時間、入力履歴、購買履歴等の当社アプリの利用履歴
  • お客様の位置情報



  • 当社サービスに関する登録の受付、お客様の本人確認、認証のため
  • お客様の当社サービスの利用履歴を管理するため
  • 当社サービスにおけるお客様の行動履歴を分析し、当社サービスの維持改善に役立てるため
  • 市場分析、マーケティングのため
  • 当社のサービスに関するご案内をするため
  • お客様からのお問い合わせに対応するため
  • 当社の規約や法令に違反する行為に対応するため
  • 当社サービスの変更、提供中止、終了、契約解除をご連絡するため
  • 当社規約の変更等を通知するため
  • 以上の他、当社サービスの提供、維持、保護及び改善のため




  • 個人データの取扱いを外部に委託する場合
  • 当社や当社サービスが買収された場合
  • 事業パートナーと共同利用する場合(具体的な共同利用がある場合は、その内容を別途公表します。)
  • その他、法律によって合法的に第三者提供が許されている場合









Autism AVC
2021年06月16日 制定


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