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Why calendars for children with special needs?

For individuals with autism, a well structured routine can be very important!

Unexpected, sudden changes to planned activities may cause a lot of stress, so many children with autism are eager to know well in advance what’s next or coming in the week ahead. In addition, autistic children may also struggle with reading or telling the time if they have a learning disability, making it difficult to understand conventional calendars.

Of course, as a parent of a child with special needs, you know that the circumstances above make it important to effectively communicate your child’s schedule with them. Many parents and childcare professionals use whiteboards with magnetic images or stickers to convey time-related information to children. Although this can be effective, it also has many limitations.

I personally experienced the above challenges when communicating schedule information with my own child. When using a whiteboard to communicate our family’s weekly schedule, she sometimes became confused by the times that our board wasn’t updated in time, and by the abstract images we downloaded from the internet. This is why I decided that a better solution was needed, and the idea of AVC Calendar was born!

Stuart Pinchen,
Founder & Developer

Our Contributors

Henry Knight
Design & Development
Natasha Sison
Front-end Development
Ivan Reyes
Back-end Development
Qiuning Huang
UI/UX, Design & Development
Paulo D'Alberti
Back-end Development
Nick Jones
Full Stack Development
Camille Fujisaki
Full Stack Development
Adriana Ito
Full Stack Development
Marcela Ito
Full Stack Development
Erica Kajiwara
Japanese translation

Are you interested in contributing to AVC Calendar?

Please contact us at the link below if you're interested in contributing to our project in any way!
We're always looking for talented developers, designers and other contributors to help develop and promote AVC Calendar.

If you're a parent, health care professional, educator, or anyone else who works with children with special needs,
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